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Bulgakov the Hedgehog
TC Donivan is a working musician, artist and historian who has written several novels.

 And while the author has an extensive interest in Hedgehogs, is not thought to be one.


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Lost in Space - Voltaire's Candide in Space

Avengers Disassembled ~ Marvel Comics on the Big Screen

Norwood ~ The Lost Elvis Movie

John Ford's The Searchers

The Mystic Hedgehog's YouTube Channel

Noah (Ark) Classic Song


 A beautiful song from Classic Rock/New Age artist Randy Cross. Backing vocals by the Gregorian Brothers of St. Donivan of Cross.

This song is not associated in any way with the Darren Aronofsky movie starring Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson and Jennifer Connelly, though it should be.

Randy has been playing Rock and Roll across the Midwestern United States since the 1960s. Today he's a well known teacher and composer.

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The Hedgehog Sings Songs of Reincarnation & Love ~ Music & Lyrics

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Kathryn on the Ledge

The Magical Bear Child

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Magical Bear Child

The Magical Bear Child by TC Donivan ~ A girl and her dog, a wayward knight, a maiden and a bungling court jester on a Quest beset by Dragons, Murderous Enchanted Wolves, Wizards which takes them on a Journey to Hel and a ride inside the Belly of the Whale

Mythology & Fantasy in the Tolkien Tradition.
~ includes more than 50 Classic Drawings and Paintings by Arthur Rackham and
Gustave Doré